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Agnete Nørrelund-Madsen


Lene Møller Andersen

Luise Junker Jespersen.png

Luise Junker - Jespersen

Henriette Lundgaard.png

Henriette Lundgaard

Svend Aage Madsen.png


Video´s that provides most of the information that is relevant in relation to the uncomplicated pregnancy, birth and the three months after birth. You can find links to maternity wards in Denmark under the maternity wards menu. 

The participants in Tryg Med Barn are midwife Agnete Nørrelund-Madsen, midwife Lene Møller Andersen, midwife Luise Junker Jespersen, psychologist Svend Aage Madsen and physiotherapist Henriette Lundgaard

Tryg Med Barn has been developed in collaboration with the largest maternity wards in Denmark and the agency BuzzCph with financial support from the Tryg Foundation. Idea/concept developer and project manager is Martin Kent Andersen from BuzzCph. 

Svend Aage Madsen

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